Episode 5

Published on:

13th Jul 2023

The Culture Shift: Unpacking Misconceptions and Embracing Authentic Leadership with Angela Howard

🔸 Join host Jenny in an enlightening conversation with Angela Howard, CEO of Call for Culture. Angela, an organizational psychologist, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience transforming culture in the workplace.

📣 Main Themes Explored 📣

  1. Redefining Happiness at Work: Shift the focus from solely making employees happy to creating safe spaces, fostering impact, and addressing systemic issues within organizations.
  2. Tapping into Your Leadership: Embrace your intuition, honour your history, and abandon the need for code-switching to unlock your authentic leadership potential.
  3. Workplace Culture Mirrors Societal Culture: It is essential to recognize that our workplace culture mirrors our societal culture and we need to deconstruct these values in order to break the cycle.

Join us in this thought-provoking conversation as we gain valuable insights from Angela Howard's expertise and embark on a journey toward authentic leadership and transformative workplace culture.

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LinkedIn: Angela R Howard

Instagram: @angelarhoward

Podcast: Social Responsibility at Work

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