Episode 6

Published on:

10th Aug 2023

Reshaping Organizations for Equity with André Darmanin

In this enlightening episode of Mission Megaphone, Jenny Vazquez-Newsum sits down with André Darmanin, CEO of Urban Equity Consulting. André, a seasoned leadership consultant, takes us on a journey to explore the true essence of leadership and reshape organizations to embrace equity and diversity.

🔶 Main Themes Explored 🔶

🔸Defining Leadership: Leadership is not confined to titles; it's about influence, adaptability, and embracing diverse perspectives. André reminds us that holding a senior title does not automatically make you a great leader. It is the values you hold and the way you influence those around you.

🔸Embracing Culture: Cultural intelligence and empathy drive authentic leadership in today's multifaceted world. We must look to the many cultures of the world and embrace their diverse perspectives on workplace culture and leadership to improve our own.

🔸Pushing Through Discomfort: There is no change without discomfort. Organizations must embrace discomfort, listen to diverse voices, and create spaces for untapped potential. As leaders, we also must push through the discomfort to challenge the status quo to unlock the change we wish to see.

🔸Know Your Worth: Know yourself, trust your abilities, and be confident in your unique contribution to transformative change.

Tune in to this empowering episode as André Darmanin sheds light on the untapped potential within us all, inviting us to become leaders who shape a brighter, more inclusive future.

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