Episode 8

Published on:

7th Sep 2023

Operationalizing Leadership with Cedric Rogers

In this episode of Mission Megaphone, Jenny Vazquez-Newsum connects with longtime friend, Cedric Rogers. Cedric is the Co-Founder and CEO of Culture Genesis, a media-tech company that remixes digital technology for authentic urban culture and entertainment. Culture Genesis owns All Def Digital, the largest Black-owned digital media publisher and network with a community of over 30 million.

🔶 Main Themes Explored 🔶

🔸 Servant Leadership and Operational Clarity: Cedric emphasizes the significance of servant leadership, maintaining a clear vision, and operationalizing leadership through effective communication and partnerships.

🔸 Transparency, Trust, and Diversity: Cedric highlights the value of transparency within a team, fostering trust, and recognizing untapped leadership potential in underrepresented communities.

🔸 Challenges of Being a Black Entrepreneur: Cedric addresses the challenges he has faced as a black entrepreneur in securing funding. He highlights the disparities in the tech startup ecosystem and how systemic biases affect access to capital.

Tune into this inspiring episode of Mission Megaphone with Cedric Rogers as he shares his journey in the start-up space, stories of visionary leaders that inspired him, and lessons on tapping into your own well of leadership.

And when you find inspiration, make sure to pass it on!

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