Episode 9

Published on:

28th Sep 2023

From Observation to Activation: A Leadership Journey with Mariah Rankine-Landers

In this powerful episode of Mission Megaphone, we delve into the world of creativity and leadership with Mariah Rankine-Landers, Co-Founder of Studio Pathways, which provides an inquiry-based approach to culturally responsive teaching and learning. Mariah is also the Co-Author of the newly released book "Do Your Lessons Love Your Students? Creative Education for Social Change." Mariah's wisdom gained through her lived experiences as an artist, educator, leader, and author provides invaluable insights into activating leadership within ourselves and others.

🔶 Main Themes Explored 🔶

🔸 Leadership as an Orientation: Mariah challenges the conventional idea of leadership as a hierarchical position and emphasizes that leadership is an inherent quality present in everyone. She encourages listeners to view leadership as an orientation that can be activated within themselves and others.

🔸 The Power of Observation and Creativity: Mariah highlights the significance of observation and deep reflection in enhancing decision-making, creativity, and overall leadership effectiveness. She underscores the strong connection between creativity and leadership, viewing artists as profound thinkers and investigators of the world.

🔸 Overcoming Challenges and Recognizing Marginalized Leadership: Mariah shares her experiences in navigating challenges in the classroom and workplace such as the deeper implications of DEI initiatives and the U.S. policy "No Child Left Behind". She advocates for recognizing and prioritizing leadership from marginalized communities past the appearance of inclusion, emphasizing the wealth of knowledge and wisdom they possess.

🔸 Continuous Personal Growth and Collaboration: Mariah discusses her commitment to ongoing personal growth, including learning new skills like sailing and languages such as French to expand her deeper understanding of the world around her. She also shares insights into her collaborative book project, "Do Your Lessons Love Your Students?" co-authored with Jessabrie Moreno, and offers a glimpse into her exciting upcoming projects.

📣 Mariah's book "Do Your Lessons Love Your Students?" is out now! Get your copy on Amazon here.

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