Episode 10

Published on:

8th Jul 2022

Mission Megabite: HERHealthEQ - Equipment for Equity

This week we are spotlighting an amazing organization working to close the health equity gap.

HERhealthEQ is creating health equity in developing communities around the world by providing the resources that women need to detect, prevent, and treat the top healthcare issues affecting women. They focus on maternal health, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease – medical issues that are easily diagnosed and treatable with access to the right equipment.

Their ultimate goal is to improve women’s health in developing regions and create an equitable standard of care by providing access to medical equipment. In the short term, accomplishing this goal means impacting the lives of 1 million women by the end of 2025.

  • For further learning on improving women's health, we recommend listening to Black Women's Health Podcast. They provide a special emphasis and positive spin on black women’s health.

To learn more, visit and follow HERHealthEQ

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